• The growing population coupled with a steady increase in the average age profile will place a higher demand for effective and high quality pharmacy products and services.
  • Key disease risk factors are rapidly increasing as large proportions of the population continue to live sedentary lifestyles, in part caused by a challenging climate, and poor dietary choice, leading to a very high prevalence of Obesity and unsurprisingly related conditions such as, Diabetes and Hypertension.
  • Pharmacists are well positioned to deliver a more advanced pharmacy service if provided with the right tools and trained appropriately.
  • Pharmacy should be key in the national strategy to combat key health conditions, through both prevention in the long term and effective disease management in the short term.
  • Key Pharmacy Services that can help combat the prevalence of these threatening conditions:

                  - Patient Education and Awareness within the communities through signposting, seasonal campaigns and patient friendly leaflets  and lifestyle advice

- Early diagnosis to prevent complications

- Effective disease management through involvement in medicines and compliance monitoring (MURs)

- Clinical services (expanding the role of the pharmacist) through protocols and programs that can be insurance funded (e.g. diagnostic screening for diabetes/cholesterol/BP, weight management programs, smoking cessation)

Our role can play in delivering advanced pharmacy services:

-Well placed to invest in the infrastructure and people for the future

-Training and Continuous development  for pharmacists in line with the changing demands on pharmaceutical industry

-Capture large enough market share to influence professional standards and standardize service inline with GPP and local regulation through SOPs and Clinical Governance

-Implementation of networked IT systems that act as a tool guiding the pharmacist through best practice from a health component  perspective

            -To provide cost-effective, quality healthcare services to our citizens.

            -The changes provide an interesting and insightful case for the challenges in radically changing a country's healthcare system and the role pharmaceuticals and community pharmacies will play.

            - The situation also demonstrates a unique case in the Middle East for greater reliance of the private sector to address rapidly escalating healthcare costs and disease prevalence

-          Categories

-          Home delivery

-          24 hours service

-          Consultation ( well trained staff)

-          Chronic medication management

-          Product availability